Welcome To Little Ones Preschool

Since 1966, Little Ones Preschool has been serving young children and families in the Northbrook area as a private, nondenominational preschool. Our program encourages young children to learn and flourish in a nurturing, supportive environment while allowing each child to develop at his/her own pace.

Little Ones utilizes a standards based curriculum that meets benchmarks in all subject areas of the Illinois Early Learning and Development Standards. Through a variety of activities involving free and facilitated play, problem solving and group time, children gain the skills necessary for cognitive, language, physical, and social/emotional development.

Little Ones Preschool is accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), the nation’s largest organization of early childhood educators. This national association develops standards that define and recognize high quality preschool programs. Little Ones is proud to display the NAEYC torch.  For more information about the benefits of a NAEYC-Accredited program, please refer to the information on the NAEYC website at families.naeyc.org.

Please browse our website so you can determine if Little Ones Preschool is the right choice of preschool for your son or daughter.




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